Jordan Debney is a New Zealand born Australia based artist specialising in illustration, street wear graphics and light reactive paintings.

Over the past 10 years, Jordan Debney has taken his passion for all things botanical and a fascination with the dead and built a flourishing career around drawing them. 

His bold wood-cut paintings & detailed illustrations can be seen on clothing, brand packaging & large scale murals all over the world. Best known for his hyper-colour artwork and clothing illustrations for A Lost Cause Official and various other graphic based clothing brands worldwide. His bipolar portfolio consists mostly of black and white or a complete flip of illustrations clutching onto as much hyper-colour as the human eye can possibly allow. His work has been featured in exhibitions from Wellington to as far as New York and LA.

Snapchat • A Lost Cause Official • IRONFIST • Inject Design • No Cure Magazine • Billy Bones Club • Breaking Beats • Palmerston North City Council • Garage Project • Wellington Chocolate Factory • Havana Coffee Works • Parrotdog Breweries • Burger Liquor • RSIapparel • Union Tattoo • Shapers INC • The Paper Rain Project • The Ramen Shop • Hillside Kitchen and Cellar


Wunderground Episode 1, 2017

• PIKCHUR Magazine, August 2018
No Cure Magazine - ISSUE 16 Paradiso, April 2018
No Cure Magazine Blog, January 2017
King Brown Magazine Blog, March 2013

• Papershrine by Paperform, Lamington Drive, Melbourne AU, July 2018
• LEVEL UP - The Culprit Club, Brisbane AU, July 2018
• Decks For Change - F*CK The Status Quo, Colonial Brewery, Port Melbourne AU, April 2018
• Industry Of Imagination - Pretty Ugly, New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington NZ, June 2017
• Refuge In Art - Black Coffee, Wellington NZ, March 2017
• Decks For Change - Framingham Underground, Wairau NZ, June 2017
• A Lost Cause Official - Iron 'n' Wood, Wellington NZ, Auckland NZ / Los Angeles USA, December 2016

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  • I painted this Portrait of Tofu for my good pal
  • Papilio acrylic and holographic magic on wood measures about 810mm
  • Papilio acrylic and holographic magic on wood measures about 810mm
  • I am honoured to be apart of the outregallery Terra
  • Unicorn Pseyecho! Never gets invited to family events Caffeine sensitive
  • Schizophrenic Pseyecho! Lives in a trash can so he doesnt

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