Jordan Debney is an illustrator, artist and graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia. He is best known for his streetwear graphics and woodcut paintings which featured in his first solo show ‘Pantophobia’ at Outre Gallery in 2019. What started as a creative hobby in the quiet streets of Palmerston North, New Zealand soon became a personal quest to form something bigger than a unique venture — taking ideas from a modern grunge-esque youth that utilises colour and light as a tool rather than a resource and uses them to cast visuals that would be reminiscent of an earlier time where rawness and vulnerability was glorified.


Jordan Debney


Wunderground Episode #1, 2017

BLUNT Limited Edition Collaboration, October 2020
Outre Gallery Blog - The Fear Of Everything, September 2019
• No Cure Magazine - "Lost At Sea" Editorial Piece on Mental Health, Illustration & Words, April 2019
Garage Project - Art Of Beer Book 2019
THE PARTAE Blog, October 2018
• PIKCHUR Magazine, August 2018
No Cure Magazine - ISSUE 16 Paradiso, April 2018
No Cure Magazine Blog, January 2017
King Brown Magazine Blog, March 2013

• Working Up A Hot Sweat - The Mercury Plaza, Auckland, NZ - December 2022
• Batcave - Mayne Line, Albion, QLD, AU - November 2020
• LOCALS - Outre Gallery, Fitzroy, VIC, AU - February 2020
• Planet Before Profit - Workshop, Fitzroy, VIC, AU - November 2019
• Moss Deck Art Show - Moss Foundation, Altmann Studio, Highett, VIC, AU - October 2019
• Pantophobia - Debut Solo Show, Outre Gallery, Fitzroy, VIC AU - September 2019
• Art Behind the Brand - Downtown Los Angeles, CA, USA - March 2019
• Decks For Change - PEACE, Workshop Fitzroy, Melbourne AU - April 2019
• Terra Oztralis - Outre Gallery, Melbourne AU -October 2018
• Papershrine by Paperform, Lamington Drive, Melbourne AU - July 2018
• LEVEL UP - The Culprit Club, Brisbane AU - July 2018
• Decks For Change - F*CK The Status Quo, Colonial Brewery, Port Melbourne AU - April 2018
• Industry Of Imagination - Pretty Ugly, New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington NZ - June 2017
• Refuge In Art - Black Coffee, Wellington NZ - March 2017
• Decks For Change - Framingham Underground, Wairau NZ, June 2017
• A Lost Cause Official - Iron 'n' Wood, Wellington NZ, Auckland NZ / Los Angeles USA, December 2016

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