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‘Holistica’ for ‘Pretty Ugly’ – ‘Industry of Imagination’, at New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington 2017

‘Genera’ Giclee Prints AVAILABLE HERE


Late last year I was approached by Anthony Balmforth from ‘SHEDLIGHT‘ to be spotlighted for a series of short documentaries on underground artists in Wellington to help share to the world about their background and what drives them to do what they do. I approached this with a raw and honest mentality, to not hold anything back to bring forward the hidden reality of my passion, that there is a lot more to my work than just a pretty picture. I’m honored to be the first artist in this series.

  • Heres a sneaky peek at one of my favorites fromhellip
  • A lifetime ago i was contracted by injectdesign to drawhellip
  • Dad dad dad
  • Good to see my children looked after hjacourt art illustrationhellip
  • This dead guy was drawn up for the A Losthellip
  • Genera close up in all its detailed glory I createdhellip